Sell More Cars. Spend Less Money.

What is the RebateENGINE?

The RebateENGINE is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform which allows car dealers to make dynamic use of Trunk Money and Incentive Programs to sell more cars.

What Does the RebateENGINE Do?

Once deployed, RebateENGINE users can quickly tap into all connected Trunk Money sources to determine what mix of programs best benefit the buyer and the dealer’s bottom line.

By tailoring a dollar amount to the needs of the buyer, dealers can close deals that would have been lost otherwise. It does this while reserving unneeded program dollars to be applied to a customer with a larger funding gap.

Why Should I Care About the RebateENGINE?

Dealers know that getting the buyer into the showroom goes a long way towards closing a deal, but it’s not always enough. At the moment of truth, when the buyer is most inclined to buy that new car, a deal might not be feasible without some help.

The RebateENGINE, powered by AIMRebates, provides that help. Instead of losing deals because of a funding gap, the RebateENGINE works as a tool of “last resort”. It examines available incentive programs to find dollars which could close or narrow that gap.

Bottom line? It saves deals that would have been lost.

The RebateENGINE drives additional sales and revenues. That means more profit for your dealership, and it means more satisfied customers.

The RebateENGINE lets you close more deals while saving more money.

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