The AIMincentives Team

Tom Murphy

Founder and CEO

In 1985, Tom Murphy walked into a dealership hoping to purchase a truck and left with a job selling them instead. By 1987 Tom was a General Manager and by 1991 a Dealer.
In 1999 a family member who was working for a startup backed by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Ventures approached Tom asking how the Internet might be leveraged to improve the auto industry. Tom crafted a white-paper, they passed, and Tom spent the next 20 years waiting for the opportunity to put his theory into practice.

Today that vision has a name: AIMincentives.

Michael Wilkes

Director of Product Development & Innovation

Product innovation is a contact sport, and Michael Wilkes has the scar tissue to prove it. With more than 3 decades of experience leading custom development initiatives and teams, across more than 17 industries, Michael has served as Business Analyst, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Coder and Consultant. Along the way he has developed a fierce loyalty to Agile delivery methodology and to fostering and protecting the culture in which it thrives. In Michael’s words; “your product is a consequence of your culture, reflecting every attribute whether positive or negative.”

Keith Braddock

Director of Strategic Operations & Resource Management

Keith Braddock has been guiding corporate strategy, managing across diverse teams, large projects and complex programs for more than a quarter century. His experience with business planning, crafting organizational design, driving operational efficiencies and transforming underperforming business units have yielded consistent results whether through culture change, financial auditing and optimization, back office reorganizations (e.g. shared services), vendor evaluation or solution selection, implementation and integration (e.g. ERP & CRM). Keith is a tireless thought provoker, world-class status quo challenger and unrepentant silo destroyer who subscribes to the belief that healthy organizations must remain open to anything and married to nothing.

Andrew Zuercher

Director of Technology & Application Development

An entrepreneurial technologist, Andrew Zuercher draws upon more than 25 years of experience architecting and developing enterprise software solutions. He is the founder of e2e, developers of the Scoutmob mobile app, serving as CEO until acquired by Make & Build. Andrew then served Make & Build as CIO until acquired by eHire Labs. Andrew holds a BS in Information Systems and a MS in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University. He is a hands-on technical lead that still loves to code, puts the project first, attacks challenges tirelessly, occasionally eats, and only begrudgingly sleeps.

H. Cameron Shaw

Director of Sales & Business Development

Spend 5 minutes with Cameron Shaw and you’ll understand. Spend 10, and you’ll believe. Longer than that requires a waiver.
It’s been said by people who know (and like) Cameron that, “He should come with a warning label.” He’s just that good. “Cameron has an uncanny ability to move people to action”, is how one dealer puts it. “He’s a Vulcan mind meld practitioner”, says another.
Waivers, warning labels and supernatural powers… that’s Cameron. He is not idle, not neutral. He believes that to be convincing you must first be convinced, that you cannot be compelling without conviction. Cameron lives his beliefs, as will you before long.